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Emergenza migranti: i rimpatri dall’Italia sono in calo. Tutto quello che c’è da sapere

La promessa di Matteo Salvini in campagna elettorale era stata di 600mila rimpatri – un enorme aumento rispetto agli anni passati –, eppure nel 2018 i numeri effettivi sono in realtà calati.

Secondo i dati raccolti dall’istituto europeo di statistica, infatti, lo scorso anno in Italia ci sono stati 5.615 rimpatri contro i 7.045 del 2017.

Si tratta di valori reali molto lontani dalle dichiarazioni del ministro, e in effetti non troppo distante dall’attività media di rimpatri nel periodo precedente. I valori italiani, per parte loro, sono in generale inferiori rispetto alle altre principali nazioni europee.


Nel nostro paese risulta minore non solo il numero di persone rimpatriate, ma anche quello di coloro cui viene ordinato di lasciare l’Italia. Prendendo le quattro nazioni più grandi dell’Ue, nel 2018 la nostra è l’unica in cui esse sono state meno di 50mila. Anche tornando più indietro nel tempo – e guardando invece dal 2009 in avanti – le cose non cambiano moltissimo.

In questo la Germania è probabilmente il paese più efficiente, dove più il numero di persone di cui è stata ordinata l’espulsione si avvicina a quelle effettivamente rimpatriate.

Di solito, ci dicono ancora i numeri Eurostat, buona parte dei rimpatri avviene in maniera “forzosa”,  e in questo l’Italia non fa eccezione. Poco più di 5mila delle persone rimpatriate nel 2018 rientrano in questo caso, e solo in minima parte si è trattato invece di trasferimenti volontari. Soltanto in Francia, in effetti, questi ultimi rappresentano una parte importante dei rimpatri. Questo di informazione, al momento, non è disponibile anche per la Germania per cui è impossibile fare confronti con tale nazione.



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  • Nuccio Viglietti |

    Ecco allora magari darsi una mossa…!!…

  • David Yuhas |

    Dear Italians,

    With the original Concept of “Skanska Luciana”…the “St. Lucy” to be crowned in the most-prestigious Event in All of Europe… would be a teen-age Girl from Syracuse Sicily…( My late, maternal, Grandfather, Joseph Galbate, was a Native of Casteldaccia, Palermo).

    The Position on Immigration to Europe, from the Mayor of Syracuse, 1 “Francesco Italia”…


    however, is seen to be so Anti-European…that Italians, generally, who wish even to attend the “Skanska Luciana” will be considered “Personae non gratae”…& Italians, who, surreptitiously, turn-up to attend, may find themselves arrested by Swedish Police…& deported to Sicily.

    No alt text provided for this image

    ‘#587…Out of Darkest Scania

    Distinguished Friends,

    The “Skanska Luciana”, ultimately, an Intro to the Concept of the “64-hectare Organic Grocery Plantation”, has great Potential has a money-spinning
    2 week Event, carried out in Sweden’s southernmost County of Scania.

    The 12-day Lead-up ti the Grand Finale…the Crowning of a teen-age Swedish, “St.Lucy” at Lund Cathedral…not with the usual 10 or 20 teen-age Swedish Attendants…but with 300 or 400 Attendants who have arrived from several European States.

    The 1st 12 Days of December…the 1st, 12 Days of the “Luciana’, however, would feature 2 other Activities…

    The 1st would be Tours of Scania’s many family-owned Castles & Manor Houses.

    The 2nd would be an 8-State, European Renaissance Fair, to be held on the Grounds of Glimmingehus Castle…


    featuring Visitors in traditional Dress…evening acapella Choirs…pig Barbecues…with Sides of Pork arriving from Frigo Scania in Helsingborg…very-tall Bonfires…& Concerts produced from antique Instruments.

    Glimmingehus, Itself (if it can be booked for the Fortnight), would feature 8 national Gift Shops…with everything made-by-Hand on Offer.

    The participating 8 States shall be…


    The Goal for the “Skanska Luciana” in this Year of 2019 shall be 100,00 Visitors…thereafter…more than a Million.

    The only Competition for the “Skanska Luciana” that I can think of is Munich’s “Oktoberfest”…a nearly 3-week Event that, of Late, has been bringing in more than 6 Million Visitors…Something, I believe, (being a bit Clairvoyant in these Matters), the “Luciana” should be able to match in a few Years.

    The Organizing Committee for the “Skanska Luciana” that I can envision…(alas, being unfamiliar with even a single Pole whose Participation will be crucial), are the Following

    Marek Dospiva, Penta Investments

    Pernille Vermund…tasked with designing an ad-hoc Interior of Glimmingehus Castle that would accommodate the Gift Shops of the 8 participating States…

    Victoria Flamel…a charming, young, YouTuber who would be the event’s “Press Secretary”


    Laura Huhtasaari…a Member of the Finnish Parliament who would know where her Country’s Talent is to be found..from Lappland to Espoo.


    Mihaly Toth…Marketing Director at Origo Studios in Budapest…&

    Gabor Herendi…Film Director…who together with Mihaly Toth would be in Charge of making the “Skanska Luciana” a “Household Name”


    Perhaps a Virtuoso in the Art of making Copper & Amber Jewelry…(Bolo Ties, especially…the “21st century Successor to the Knot-at-the Throat, Cravat”)


    Marian Herman…Director at HB Reavis…like Penta Investments…a project-oriented Investor…&

    Marian Turner…Director, Lucnica…Producer of various folk-art Ensembles…mostly Dance…but for the Purpose of the “Luciana”, “Choral Singing” would be the “Big 1”


    Henrik Jonsson…Entrepreneurial YouTuber & “Skansker”…Co-Chairman of the “Skanska Luciana”

    Mikael Wehtje…Entrepreneurial Castellan at Ellinge Castle…Co-Chairman of the “Skanska Luciana”…who should be familiar with the 50-fellow Castellans & Lords of the Manor in Scania..

    He would be able to find out which of these Proprietors would be interested, during the 1st 2 Weeks in December…to give a Few, or “More-than-a Few Visitors a Tour of their Digs…what these Tours would offer & what the Prices would be.

    Mattias Pehrsson…Editor of “Sydsvenskan”…who would locate All of the family-owned Hotels, B&Bs, Castles & Manor Houses in Scania that would have Rooms to book during the 12 December Days…& see which would be agreeable to having “Sydsvenskan” be their “Official Booking Agent”, for a 10% Commission on Bookings.


    Elena Zelensky (1st Lady of the Country), who would lead a Delegation of vyshyvanka’d Singers & trombita Players at this Event

    As a general Rule…whenever a new Idea appears on the Scene that turns out to be a Money Maker…it is not long before Imitators & Competitors join the Party.

    In the Case of the “Skanska Luciana”…a 2-week “Festival of Light” held at the “Bottom of the Tourist Season” in Northern Europe…an Event featuring Bonfires, Barbecue-Smoke, Choral Singing, Performances on antique Musical Instruments, traditional Dress, Castle Tours & the Participation of large Numbers of high-school Apprentices from 8 Countries…I would not be too worried about Competitors.

    Best Regards,

    David Yuhas
    (whose Interest in this Project is strictly artistic…”Jeder hat sein Hobby”)
    Boulder, Colorado, USA


    I hope that Anyone not happy about seeing their Name recommended for This or That will not hesitate to let me know…& Off it shall come.


    As a Rule, “Entertainment from Germany” would not but included at a “Skanska Luciana”…

    but What the Hell?